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Take off your glasses, close the laptop and get back to running your business. From Decor Content you will get timely, well written, relevant content written with your customer top of mind.

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Custom Writing, the subscription service

Working with me means YOU can step away from the writing chores and get back to doing what you do best. Each month you will get: * Two 400 to 800-word blog post, website ready. Your suggested topics...

Expert Guides

Sometimes your customers need to know the basics, and as the expert you can guide them. Easy to read, easy to follow guides demystify decorating theory and keep your business front and center in their mind. Have...

How-to Guides

How-to's. Google has nothing on a live, in-the-flesh expert. Someone your customer can talk to, discuss the issue with, ask a question of. Someone they trust. To them, you are the encyclopedia of your industry.

Special Reports

Let your customers download a brochure. Pick a topic, tell me what you want to say and get a snazzy report back. You can print it yourself for use in your store, or send the link...

Website Page Updates

If you have some writing you'd like cleaned up, we can do that too. "About" pages can be a deep, dark hole if you aren't careful; let's take your thoughts and make them sparkle. Here are...

Editorial Content

Your customers are interested in your opinions. That's Editorial writing. But it must be backed by reasoned thought, some research, and consideration for what's current and relevant to your customers.